Jenkins: The Most Useful Tool To Realise Your DevOps Dream

Many people forget that DevOps is an approach, not a tool. To be able to bring the DevOps culture to the organization, you need to use tools that support this DevOps approach. One of the DevOps tools Jenkins is used to automating the CI/CD process. It is basically an automation server. With the help of Groovy Script, you create projects that run your build, test and deploy jobs in a logical setup.

Integrating Jenkins with your company’s existing infrastructure might introduce some difficulties, and the system might not work as expected. This is where Impressico comes in. We audit your existing IT infrastructure to judge your DevOps readiness. We do a feasibility assessment to examine if Jenkins is compatible with the technologies your organization is already using. Our DevOps certified engineers will set up a Jenkins server for your workload so that you can focus on your business. We will make sure that your CI/CD pipeline remains healthy, smooth and reliable.

DevOps Dream

DevOps Is Theory. Jenkins Makes The Theory Real.

Jenkins DevOps tools provider

Give Your Software Delivery A New Dimension

We always talk about bringing the Dev and Ops teams closer. Using Azure DevOps Jenkins is the easiest way to do so. Once you integrate Jenkins with your source code repository, it will keep on looking for new code commits. Once it finds one, it moves the code to the build stage, unit testing stage and integration stage. If the build or test fails, the developers and testers get notified. The code is corrected and pulled by Jenkins all over again. If everything passes, the code moves forward to the staging server and finally to production. Jenkins DevOps tools provide a never before seen logical way of automated code integration and deployment process.

Offload The Complexities of Jenkins On Us

Yes, Jenkins is comparatively easy to install and use. But there are a lot of factors on which the installation of  DevOps Tools Jenkins depends on. For example, with Jenkins, you also need to integrate Maven to automate the build process. Making a pom file with Maven ensures that your system has all the dependencies for the Ci/CD pipeline to work efficiently. Along with that, Selenium helps a lot in automating the test process. Impressico, the Jenkins Company, will help you to make sense of all these tools and guide you towards their proper usage.


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Consistency & Reliability

Consistency & Reliability

Setting up a Jenkins server is relatively easy, but keeping it stable and reliable requires continuous monitoring. Impressico offers state of the art monitoring services for your entire CI/CD pipeline made with Jenkins. Rest assured, we will make sure that your Jenkins installation proceeds with all the best practices in place. With optimized JVM settings, garbage collection and proper plug-in management, we keep your Jenkins platform speedy.

Testing The Tester

Testing The Tester

Jenkins automatically tests the build. But who’ll test the tester? Who will make sure that Jenkins itself is working optimally? That’s where Impressico comes in. Creating a pipeline in Jenkins requires proper scripting. We ensure that this Groovy Script remains error-free. In fact, we automate the scripting process to make your pipeline creation swift.

Hand-holding & training

Hand Holding & Training

Our DevOps certified engineers will be there to extend the knowledge of Jenkins to your internal team members. Specialisation is the keyword here. Jenkins has many moving parts- Maven, Selenium and of course, Java. We understand that not all people in your organization will be well versed in each of these things. Impressico will help your teams work independently with Jenkins.

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