Manual Testing

Diligent testing for enhanced user experience and user interfaces

Our experienced QA engineers manually track down and eliminate bugs for enhanced level of security, risk management, scalability and performance

Manual Testing Services
Manual Testing for App

Manual Testing Services

As the name suggests, Manual testing is the stringent method of testing software, mobile applications and websites without using any automated tools to find out the bugs before delivering it in the market. It is a preliminary stage of testing where a tester gets into the shoes of the end-user while testing in a real-time environment to ensure seamless functioning of the application or software.

Furthermore, manual testing services have a strong dominance over automated testing services and this may be the reason why manual testing requires human wit to remove all the possibilities of unexpected bugs coming up in the later stage. Unlike automated testing, it is a tiresome job which consumes a lot of time to closely monitor every stage of testing.

Benefits of Manual Testing You Should Know

  • Better Usability Testing
  • Identify non-testable requirements
  • Better Understanding of the Functionality
  • Detect possible defects or unexpected bugs in the early stage
  • Better graphical user interface (GUI) testing

At Impressico a leading software quality assurance company, our professionally trained engineers are always geared to employ best testing practices and proprietary methodologies to detect the bugs and defects in the early stage. With over 15 years of experience in software testing and QA, we have served across various industry verticals. Furthermore, being a CMMi Level 3 company, we ensure that our manual testing services meet all the standards and keep the end-users happy by providing bug-free applications or software.

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