Top Business Intelligence Tools for 2021

Business Intelligence Tools
December 31, 2020 Comment:0 Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tool or a BI tool is a software that is used to collect, process, analyze, and visualize huge volumes of data to produce actionable business insights, create interactive reports, and also streamline the decision-making process. BI tools include features such as data visualization, interactive dashboarding, visual analytics, and KPI scorecards. In this blog, we’ll be talking about top BI tools for 2021. They are a vital element of data science since they bring together all the data, eradicate the need for manual tasks, are 24×7 at your service, and aid in predictive analysis.

These features are useful for all – be it small enterprises or large organizations. If you need to control your organization’s data and collect more insights about your company, BI is the best bet.

According to Forbes, 54% of enterprises say cloud business intelligence (BI) is either critical or very important to their current and future strategies.

Here are the top BI tools to use in 2021:

SAP BI is a cohesive business Intelligence software. It is an enterprise level application for open client/server systems. It has set new standards for offering the best business information management solutions.


  • It provides extremely flexible and most transparent business solutions
  • The application developed using SAP can integrate with any system
  • It follows modular concept for the easy setup and space utilization

Source: Business Intelligence Software

  • Allows to create next-generation database system that combines analytics and transactions
  • Provide support for On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Simplified data warehouse architecture
  • Easy Integration with SAP and non-SAP applications

Pentaho is a Data Warehousing and Business Analytics Platform. The tool allows business users to access, discover and combine all sorts and sizes of data.


  • Enterprise platform to accelerate the data pipeline
  • Community Dashboard Editor allows fast and efficient development and deployment
  • Big data integration without a need for coding
  • Simplified embedded analytics
  • Visualize data with custom dashboards
  • Operational reporting for mongo dB
  • Platform to accelerate the data pipeline

Qlik helps creating visualizations, dashboards, and apps. It also allows seeing the entire story that lives within data.


  • Simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible, interactive data visualizations
  • Use natural search to navigate complex information
  • Instantly respond to interactions and changes
  • Supports multiple data sources and file types
  • It allows easy security for data and content across all devices
  • It shares relevant analyses, including apps and stories using centralized hub

Splunk is a tool to make machine data accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. It delivers operational intelligence to DevOps teams. It also helps companies to be more productive, competitive, and secure.

Key Features:

  • Data drive analytics with actionable insights
  • Next-generation monitoring and analytics solution
  • Delivers a single, unified view of different IT services
  • Extend the Splunk platform with purpose-built solutions for security

Oracle BI is an application that offers an integrated, end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management System. It is an integrated query, reporting, analysis, alerting, data integration and management tool.

Source: Oracle


  • Simplify analytics strategy by standardizing on one integrated platform
  • Consolidate data models and metrics to provide comprehensive representation of the business
  • Helps business leaders to fast access and explore data
  • Connect directly to more Oracle sources and Big Data for broader, richer analysis
  • Allow key decision-makers to find answers to predictive and statistical questions fast
  • It allows business analysts to generate mash-up data sets by running R scripts in batch mode
  • It provides hundreds of pre-built functions to speed analysis with R scripts
  • Lets users create a story around any business with visually stunning analytics.
  • Get exceptional insights by creating rich data mash-ups.
  • View, analyze, and modified data in the cloud or on-premises
  • Create mobile analytical applications without writing a single line of code
  • Build apps once and allocate anywhere apps are responsive to any device, any screen size.
  • Offer In-memory enhancements
  • Enhance performance for mash-up data
  • Faster query performance
  • Load your data and analyze it from any angle to uncover problems and new opportunities
  • Blend all types of local and corporate data

Tableau is a self-service analytics and business intelligence platform. It specializes in evaluating and presenting the data in visualizations, dashboards, and reports. Installation is on-premise, public cloud (using Tableau server), or online (Tableau Online).

This tool offers intuitive, self-service analytics for users without technical knowledge. Data integration from an assortment of sources creates real-time visualizations within a few clicks.


  • offers on-premise, public and completely hosted business intelligence solutions
  • Offers four platform options: Desktop, Browser, Mobile, and Embedded
  • Installs on-premise, public cloud, and Tableau cloud
  • Delivers intuitive, self-service analytics for users without technical knowledge
  • Integrates data from many sources, either on-premise or from the cloud
  • Creates real-time visualizations in a few clicks
  • Gives solutions for enterprises of all sizes, in varied industries

Clear Analytics is a self-service, business intelligence analytics platform designed for Microsoft Excel. It gathers data from other sources and imports it into Excel. It adds Excel features and offers direct access to data using a dynamic query builder. Excel apprentices can build queries and reports using browser drag and drop features.


  • Provides a self-service business intelligence analytics solution for Excel users
  • Allows access on-premise to users with permission
  • Installs on existing application server; dedicated server recommended
  • Adds features to Excel
  • Requires basic Excel knowledge
  • Collects and imports data from sources outside Excel
  • Allows direct access to data using a dynamic query builder.
  • Provides drag and drop dashboards, visualizations, and reports
  • Houses spreadsheets and visualizations in a centralized location
  • Memberships for teams, small businesses, and enterprise clients

Choosing the best BI tool for your business can be daunting and requires a great deal of research and knowledge. Before investing in buying any BI tool, you should try their free trials.

Whichever tool you choose to buy; it will ultimately lead to better and informed decision making. By using business intelligence tools, you will be able receive incredible benefits. Data management will turn out to be more secure, sturdy, nimble, and expected with many functionalities that these devices have on offer.