Why Does Your Startup Need A Software Development Company?

September 19, 2022 Comment:0 Software Services

You now have a profitable business with dedicated employees. Your future looks bright with new ups, downs, and funding from investors. Do you feel this description fits you right now? Or will it suit you in the future? You should have thought about custom software solutions if you answered “yes” to any of these questions.

Software development that is customized to meet the needs of an individual or company is called “custom software development.” Custom software products, in contrast to standard software solutions, are tailored to the needs of the client and meet their long-term business requirements.

Why is custom software design becoming increasingly popular?

Here are some benefits of custom software development company for startups.

#1 Designed to Meet Your Business’s Needs

Let’s say you want a sandwich made with rye bread, roasted chicken, fresh tomatoes, and chipotle mayonnaise. Pickles and pesto are what the restaurant actually offers. Wouldn’t it be nice to go somewhere else? Software solutions are no different. Software solutions should be tailored to the needs of businesses. A retail solution that allows members to sign up, track their behavior, monitor site usage, and offer products based on age, location, and preferences is not likely to be available off-the-shelf. They will either have to develop a custom solution that aligns with their vision, or they will need to modify their business model.

#2 Secure

Cybercrime damage will reach $6 trillion by 2022. It’s a frightening number. It is a common misconception that hackers only target large companies like SolarWinds and Marriott. Cyberattacks can also cause reputational and financial damage to small businesses. Statista indicates that cyber attacks are most common in the manufacturing, finance, and hospitality industries.

Software solutions that are custom-made offer much greater security than off-the-shelf-made software. They are not publicly available and include encryption and security codes. Reliable software development company vendors offer comprehensive cyber assessments that help to improve the security and stability of organizational security controls, making them better prepared for any attack.

#3 Scaling is Simpler

Your business requirements will increase with the growth of your business. Many entrepreneurs make the same mistake when they launch a business. They don’t consider the future development of their product and instead focus on the viability of their brand. When the time comes, they realize that off-the-shelf products may not be able to meet their needs or cost too much. It is wise to develop custom software for startups. Although it may seem costlier and time-consuming at first, the investment will pay off in the long run.

#4 Integration of Software

Active use of software development services systems such as ERP, CRM, and marketing software is essential for running a business. Although most off-the-shelf software can handle this task, they don’t guarantee an optimal experience for employees that leads to productivity decline.

Custom software allows you to integrate your product easily with existing software.

# 5 Freedom from Developers

You become a “prisoner” to the terms and conditions of off-the-shelf software. Your business’ future depends on the support of its developers. If the company that purchased this software goes bankrupt or stops updating it, then you will need to locate a new provider within a short time. This is costly and risky. Custom software, on the other hand, can be used for as long as you need it and in the way that you prefer. The vendor is available to assist you if there are any problems with the product or if you need to make improvements.

Get the most out of custom software development advantages.

Custom software solutions offer many benefits to business owners. They are tailored to their business needs, provide better data security, and offer endless updates. Custom software developed by an experienced team of developers will be more effective than any other software.

It is important to find the right vendor to bring your idea to fruition. We have successfully delivered software development services to startups and Fortune 500 companies at Impressico. Our expertise includes building web and mobile applications, IoT software, quality assurance and testing, DevOps, and cloud services. Contact us if you’re ready to discuss your project.